Dr. Zachary Solomon on Common Exercise Excuses and How To Avoid Them

dr. zachary Solomon

As a cardiac Doctor, Zachary Solomon often tells people to prioritize physical activity in order to maintain a healthy body weight and improve their cardiovascular health. When people lament the fact that they don’t work out as often as they would like, they often point to a few common excuses. Today, Dr. Zachary Solomon will look at the most common excuses and how people can break their vicious cycle of avoidance.

1. I’m Too Tired

When we feel physically tired, it’s difficult to consider doing much more than laying in bed or watching television. Dr. Zachary Solomon encourages people to remember that exercise is a great way to gather more energy. By getting our blood flowing, the heart can pump oxygen to the brain, muscles, and tissue fibers faster, which in turn makes us more alert. The first way to solve feeling too tired is to commit to trying a light to moderate exercise routine. Dr. Zachary Solomon believes as people realize that they feel better from the experience, they will be less likely to use the tired excuse in the future. Another way to avoid this excuse, and many excuses that will be listed later, is to find a workout partner. Having someone else to hold you accountable is a great way to guarantee some physical activity.

2. The Gym is Too Expensive

Dr. Zachary Solomon can understand if a person deems a monthly gym membership too expensive. Some gyms can charge more than a hundred bucks monthly to join their facility. Instead of utilizing a gym, Dr. Zachary Solomon encourages people to remember that all physical activity is a benefit. Exercise trainers on YouTube and popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer free workout routines. People can find a way to exercise from their homes by watching these videos on their phone.

3. No Time

Everyone feels rushed from time to time. When people say they don’t have time to work out, Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends shifting the thought process to thinking about how to make time to work out. By making exercise a priority, people can make it a critical part of their schedule. For instance, Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends utilizing a calendar to block out time that is meant for exercise. Tell a loved one about these times and ask them to hold you accountable. Sometimes, a second person getting involved can make all the difference.

4. I Don’t Find Exercise Fun

Dr. Zachary Solomon understands that what people consider traditional exercising may not be enjoyable. This is why Dr. Zachary Solomon suggests considering alternate forms of exercise. Whether it be swimming, hiking, walking out in nature, or joining an intermural sports league. If people love to watch television or listen to audiobooks, they can do those activities while walking on the treadmill or running on an elliptical. Sometimes, all it takes is finding ways to make exercise work for your schedule. Also, it is important to try different exercises. One of the quickest ways to grow bored is by trying the same exercises time and time again. Keep the body guessing and step outside of one’s comfort zone to stay entertained and locked in with an exercise schedule.

5. I’m Too Out of Shape to Workout

When people feel out of shape or lack confidence about the current state of their bodies, Dr. Zachary Solomon understands that diving into exercise can be difficult. Dr. Zachary Solomon believes starting small is the key to getting over this common concern. Setting small goals like walking three times a week or doing a few pushups in the morning is a great place to start. No one will accomplish their fitness goals in a day, a week, or a month. Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends looking at exercise as a lifestyle change. Things can be taken day-by-day, but be sure to credit yourself for all progress as it is made.

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