Dr. Zachary Solomon on Tips for Making Heart Healthy Decisions Daily

Dr. Zachary Solomon

As a cardiac Doctor, Zachary Solomon is often asked to provide insights on the latest health trends. Still, the true secret to living a heart-healthy lifestyle comes down to consistency. When people approach Dr. Zachary Solomon with fitness fads, they are typically seeking a quick solution to a long-term problem. Dr. Zachary Solomon will always advise making lifestyle changes without an end date. Sure, a person can diet to reach a goal weight before a major event, but the best long-term health benefits are remaining in a steady, healthy lifestyle. Today, Dr. Zachary Solomon will provide advice to help anyone make heart-healthy decisions daily.

One’s diet and nutrition will always directly correlate to their risk of heart disease and other heart health issues. One of the first things to eliminate is processed foods as they contain a lot of saturated fats as well as trans fats that provide practically zero nutritional benefits to a diet. By taking ownership of what we put in our grocery carts, Dr. Zachary Solomon believes people can continue to eat delicious meals without consuming the junk that comes with processed foods.

One of the best heart-healthy habits is learning to read nutrition labels. Foods that are high in fiber and low in saturated fats can help prevent high cholesterol. Those who have had issues with their blood pressure should start to consider how much sodium is present in the foods they eat. Those at risk of diabetes need to be extra vigilant of sugar levels. Most people just associate sugar with candy, but it is heavily present in soda, bananas, and honey. Moderation is essential. When in doubt, Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends increasing the amount of leafy green vegetables consumed each day.

Speaking of moderation, excessive alcohol consumption can raise the risk of high blood pressure. Dr. Zachary Solomon notes that the CDC suggests no more than two alcoholic beverages per day for men and one alcoholic drink for women.

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical in heart disease prevention. Diet is one part of the equation and physical activity is another. Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends finding a physical activity that brings joy. A traditional gym membership is an option, but people can also get out and enjoy walks in nature or ride a bicycle through town throughout the week. The key is to remain consistent and get the body moving. As the pandemic has led many people to move to a remote work environment, it’s possible to go days without raising the heart rate with something as simple as a brisk walk. Setting a goal for at least an hour of physical activity a day is a great way to ensure a person is putting their heart health first.

While Dr. Zachary Solomon is happy to provide general advice, people should know that they can always discuss their personal health goals with their designated medical professional. Personal doctors can help a person make the best heart health decisions because they have access to information like family medical history and the current medications being used by a person. Personal doctors can help field questions about lifestyle changes and even provide information on additional activities that may prove most beneficial based on a person’s current health status.

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