Dr. Zachary Solomon

Welcome to the website of Dr. Zachary Solomon. As a cardiac Doctor, Zachary Solomon is often asked for heart-healthy tips. Whether it be the best ways to reduce the risk of heart disease through nutrition or what an exercise plan should look like for a heart health-conscious individual, Dr. Zachary Solomon thought it would be a good idea to provide some general heart-healthy advice for those interested in the subject. However, Dr. Zachary Solomon does want to make it clear that every individual is different. Everyone should consult their doctor about everything from a dietary change to a workout plan that meets their current fitness levels and overall health goals.

One of the best ways to lower the risk of heart disease is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Understanding that this is a rather broad goal, Dr. Zachary Solomon will share some initial thoughts on making dietary switches that are more than attainable – no matter what a person’s current diet looks like. One obvious reason Americans struggle more with weight management than other countries is the sheer volume of food available. Over the past few decades, food portions have steadily increased. Even foods that are widely recognized as being good for us can lead to weight gain if they are consumed in large portions. Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends starting a dietary shift by growing more cognizant of portion sizes. One way to adjust to smaller portion sizes is to eat slower. People often find that they can indeed feel full after eating less when they give the body time to digest a smaller portion of food.

Eating smaller portions can be a more attainable goal for people who spread out their meals. Snacking throughout the day can help people stay full and maintain their energy levels. The essential element is to consider what a person is snacking on. Switching from greasy potato chips and cheese puffs to healthy nuts or veggie crisps can help curb hunger and provide the body with the healthy fats it needs to function optimally.

Dr. Zachary Solomon has found that many people struggle with the idea of cutting out their favorite foods. The idea of permanently saying goodbye to a dietary lifestyle can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to change habits immediately, it can be easier to make gradual changes. In other words, instead of cutting out all sugary snacks or rich foods permanently, start by only enjoying these foods on the weekends. What often happens at this point is people realize how much better they feel without the junk food in their diet and the switch becomes that much simpler.

One of the quickest ways to improve a diet is to consider the calories gained through liquids. Soda drinkers or people who add heavy creamer to their coffee more than once a day are taking in many unnecessary calories daily. Making the switch to water or flavored seltzers can make an immediate impact. Not only will the number of calories consumed decrease, but people will also enjoy better hydration levels that can improve their mood and energy levels.

When grocery shopping, it can be an eye-opening experience when a person starts to take the time to read over food labels. It doesn’t take a professional nutritionist to understand that certain buzzwords mean that a product contains unnecessary junk. A good place to start is avoiding anything with the words ‘hydrogenated’ or ‘trans’ on the label. The difference between bad fats and good fats is critical to heart health. Most bad fats are in fried foods like potato chips, donuts, and fried chicken. The other thing to look out for on the label is the amount of sugar in a product. Small switches add up, so selecting a product with less sugar than what one typically buys will significantly affect their health over time.

Finally, suppose a person is looking to make a dietary shift as simple as possible for themselves. In that case, they should consider the Mediterranean-style diet, which limits red meat and has a person load up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The Mediterranean diet also allows for a glass of wine here or there, so it’s not about deprivation, but rather making wise food decisions.

Future blog posts will continue to dive into subjects on ways to improve our overall health. Dr. Zachary Solomon commends anyone looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. The most difficult aspect is always the start. Once a routine is established, it becomes much easier to stick with a routine. This is especially true when a person feels better and notices results. Be sure to check the blog often for the latest insights from Dr. Zachary Solomon.