Dr. Zachary F. Solomon Provides Summer Heart Health Tips

Dr. Zachary Solomon

Dr. Zachary F. Solomon would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy start to this summer season. The summer is something that countless people look forward to as freezing conditions in the winter have kept them from enjoying their favorite outdoor activities. Whether it’s tending to a garden or heading to the beach for some family time, the summer is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Still, while there are countless things for patients to be excited about in the summer, Dr. Zachary F. Solomon always wants people to understand the increased dangers caused by rising temperatures. Today’s blog will allow Dr. Zachary F. Solomon to touch on a few of these problems so everyone can enjoy fun in the sun without any unnecessary heart health concerns.

The first thing people should understand about their heart health in the summer is that the heart needs to work harder as the temperatures rise. Anyone with a cardiovascular condition needs to be extra careful during the dog days of summer. The heart will work to circulate more blood on hot days to keep a person cool. It is not just something that happens when a person is out for a run or taking a brisk walk in the heat, it can occur with an activity as mundane as watering flowers.

Of course, Dr. Zachary F. Solomon is not suggesting that people remain indoors and sit on the couch enjoying the air conditioning all summer. The warnings are in place so people start making decisions that can protect their heart health during the summer months.

For starters, Dr. Zachary F. Solomon stresses the importance of drinking water. High temperatures will cause sweat, which can quickly lead to dehydration. Dehydration symptoms are dangerous to all, but they are especially dangerous for those with a heart condition. Dr. Zachary F. Solomon recommends that every person who has a designated cardiologist discusses the amount of water they should be drinking on a daily basis. During the summer, a cardiologist will often suggests that these numbers are bumped up. Speaking to a medical professional is important as drinking too much water can actually be detrimental as it throws off a person’s electrolytes. As a guide, most doctors suggest a glass of water per hour.

To make the most of outdoor time during the summer months, Dr. Zachary F. Solomon recommends going on walks, runs or bike rides either early in the morning or later in the evening. Exercising during the hottest part of the day under direct sunlight isn’t beneficial for your skin or your heart. Peak hours are typically 10 to 4. If a person has a job where they are forced to be outside, they should look to wear an SPF above 30 and ensure that they are prioritizing water breaks.

Dr. Zachary F. Solomon always recommends dressing for the heat. Light colors and lightweight clothing can allow air to flow through the fabric, which is essential to staying cool. Dr. Zachary F. Solomon recommends staying cognizant of the fact that the hotter a person feels, the harder their heart is likely working to keep them cool. Understanding this can help a person seek shade or take breaks from an activity when they feel overheated.

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